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Sarah Khan, Chief Ease Officer, is calling B.S. on the hustle-focused status quo of online entrepreneurship and getting real about what it takes to grow a business that doesn’t become a statistic. 

In each episode, Sarah helps navigate the rampant B.S. that permeates business strategy, marketing, operations, and mindset that has business owners hustling and pivoting themselves into burnout. She cuts through the noise and gives you guidance on how to view the status quo with a more discerning eye. If you’re ready for success without the B.S., buckle up for hard truths, fun rants, terrible puns and (more than) the occasional curse word.

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EP14: Cultivating a Connected Company Culture with Becky Brunner

In this episode, Becky Brunner, Value-Driven Team Culture & Connection Coach, shares her approach to leading and building strong teams. We talk about ways to engage with team members and connect as humans, the importance of creating a ripple effect of praise across the team, how creating a strong culture improves productivity and profits, and

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EP11: 6 Red Flag Business Practices that Gotta Go

You know the kind of business practices that make you go “Hmmm…?” yet everyone’s doing them, so you convince yourself it’s ok? In the online business space, unethical behavior can get normalized quickly because so many of us are just trying to figure it out as we go. There isn’t a lot of oversight or

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