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Busting the BS of the online business space to pinpoint exactly what you need to grow your biz, secure your financial independence, and finally get that freedom you crave.

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Do you need Corporate Rehab?

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All of it.


I’m Sarah and I’m here to tell you the TRUTH.


Almost everything we are told in the online business space about what it takes to build a successful business or to be a successful entrepreneur is BS.

Yep. I said it.

We’ve been sold a bunch of ridiculous, one-size-fits-all, FOMO-inducing, scarcity-mindset, templated and cookie-cuttered nonsense about what you should be doing, and how you should be doing it.
We’re being sold programs and courses and masterminds that come with big ticket price tags and little to no ACTUAL business structure, strategy, or support.
People throw around fancy terms and “buzzwords of the hour” to make us feel like their way is the only way and you second guess your own desires, dreams, goals, and values if they don’t fit the damn box you’re told you need to fit in.
But you didn’t leave your job — aka your previous box — to jump right back into another one, did you?

So what do I suggest we do about it?

It’s time to take a long, hard look at where the ever-present BS has crept into how you’re doing business, and where it may have led you astray from your vision, your values, and the very reason you started a biz in the first place.
I’m not calling you out. We’ve all fallen prey to it. Me included.
Instead, I’m calling you in, my friend. Calling you in to a different way of doing things that doesn’t require boxes… it just requires knowing your heart.
If you’re not seeing movement, growth, traction, or any of those “move the needle” actions…
If you’re signing up for programs, courses, masterminds, coaches, and feeling like you’re not quite getting the support you need…
If you’re being coached to do things and feeling a shit ton of resistance around them…
If you’re tired of being told it’s “all in your mindset”…
And all you want is to build a business that supports the life you desire…
You want to stop wasting time…
You want to stay in control of the direction of your business…
You want to maintain alignment with your dreams, values, and goals.
You want to feel at ease, comfortable, confident, and secure in the knowledge that you’re making all the right moves to grow the way YOU want to grow…

We need to talk.

Why work with me?

I dunno about you, but I got tired of being told it had to be “this way or no way.”
I got tired of feeling like I wasn’t cut out for entrepreneurship simply because I didn’t like the way everyone else was doing it.
And I know that being an ex-corporate woman meant overcoming a very specific set of challenges when it came to being a business owner and leader.
So I brought my 20 years of knowing and doing, flipped up the script (and the middle finger) and now I support women in building businesses that actually align with their values, their purpose, their goals and dreams WHILE still building an ACTUAL business using ACTUAL business strategy, structure and execution. The outcome? A steadily growing business, consistent income, freedom, and EASE.
Corporate Rehab Methodology
I created a unique methodology that takes you from the Emerging CEO to the Liberated Leader. My methodology takes into account where you AND your business currently are, and give you only what you need at that stage to move to the next.
No fluff. No noise. No BS.
I help you clearly identify the offers you really want to sell, figure out the logical order of things to fast track your growth, and provide the leadership accountability and support needed to help you gain the freedom, sustainable income, and security you desire.
Because making the transition from employee to business owner is hard enough…you don’t need to be fed a load of crap while you do it.
Nellie Corriveau The Sales Queen

If you are a visionary entrepreneur, you need Sarah in your life.

She has shifted my mindset and supported my business in so many different ways in under 90 days. We had an amazing strategy session to really break down all the goals and dreams that I have, and actually mapped out how we are going to make them happen.

Nellie Corriveau
The Wealthy Queen Movement
Strategic Consulting Client


A hybrid program designed for new & newish entrepreneurs who want more than just the option of being a VA, OBM or another “job title” — so you’re free to build the biz you truly desire. 

Perfect for the woman ready to tap into the badass CEO she always knew she was. Rekindle your TRUST in yourself as you step into your Awakened CEO identity while growing your biz.

Strategy, operations, leadership, ease. Perfect for the entrepreneur ready to embody her expertise, step into her authority, grow her network while scaling her business.

For high 6- and 7-figure businesses desiring executive-level management of teams, projects and strategy.
(Currently one space available as of August 2022).

Hiring Sarah is one of the best decisions I ever made!

She has used her expertise and genius to help operationalize my big ideas, and effortlessly runs the back-end of my business. I appreciate her warm and direct communication style, and she consistently surprises me with the level of quality she delivers.

Lee C. Cordell
Expert Anti-Shame Coach and
CEO & Founder of the Institute for Trauma and Psychological Safety
Director of Operations Client

Listen to Sarah Bust the BS

Growth Strategies Cafe Podcast

Sarah is shaking things up by challenging the corporate mindset that we bring with us into the online space that prevents us from operating like the powerful business owners we are. She’s taking down the toxic beliefs that keep so many of us spinning our wheels, throwing money at every possible course, program, and service out there when the answer lays smack dab in the middle of our own front yard.

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How the DOO Certification Helped Her See Her Potential and Create A Dream Business

The Ops Authority Podcast

Sarah shares how becoming a Certified Director of Operations helped her see her true potential as a business owner who wanted to do it a little differently than everyone else. Listen as she shares her journey from employee to business owner and the incredible amount of self-trust it truly took.

#BeFlawsome: The Good Enough Podcast

Sarah joins Anita to share her journey from being an employee with a side hustle to becoming full-time in her business as an Operations Strategist, and how she has built an online community by showing her true, authentic self on social media.

I'm Going to Be Real With You:

I'm definitely for you if...

I'm definitely NOT for you if...

Heather Moran, Brand Photographer

Sarah is amazing and you definitely need to work with her.

Her knowledge around creating a well thought-out and detailed plan, even if I only had a vague idea of what I wanted or was talking about…the absolute patience she shows around helping me contextualize my big ideas — it’s so refreshing! I have a plan now that will carry me through the year. No matter what capacity you do it in, you need this girl in your life!

Heather Moran
Brand Photographer, Heather Moran Creative
Strategic Consulting Client

You deserve more than more of the same.

I have seen what the industry is getting wrong, and I’m here to do something about it.Are you ready to stop growing A business, and ready to grow YOUR business?


Book an exploratory call today and let’s start burning away the BS so you can finally see the light. (Exploratory = let’s just talk, no strings, no pressure.)

Sarah Khan of Linchpin Virtual For Small Business Owners
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