Get Shit Done Days

Because sometimes you don’t have time to wait.


The Re-Ignite Your Biz Strategy GSD Day

(AKA The Peace of Mind Business Roadmap)
Get Clear on the WHAT
Imagine waking up every day knowing exactly where to put your focus…certain of what is and isn’t a priority.
Imagine never again feeling like you have to act on all your great ideas ASAP so you won’t forget them.
Imagine having days where you’re so focused you can actually leave your desk early to do whatever the fuck you want, knowing you’re still growing and making progress.
Imagine losing the overwhelm of trying to figure out “what next?” every week.
Imagine never again looking at your freaking long-ass to-do list hoping you’ll feel inspired or have time to get the “big shit” done because you know exactly when the best time is to make it happen.
The Re-Ignite Your Business Strategic Intensive will get you there, period.
Over 2 x 90-minute sessions (or 3 x 60-minute sessions), we dive into your business to identify your big goals, clarify your vision, and figure out how to bring the two to life. We look at where you are, and where you want to be…then map out the path to get you there.
We will strategize the what, when, and how in each of the 7 core pillars of your business:
• Financial steadiness
• Offer suite
• Team growth
• Operations and processes
• Client experience
• Visibility and marketing
• Personal and professional growth

You’ll leave the experience having:

  • Clarity on the key goals within each of the 7 pillars, prioritized by greatest need.
  • A 90-day action plan with a 12-month framework, all with room to evolve or pivot.
  • Greater clarity on the actions to take every day, week, month.
  • A plan on who to hire first (or next) in your biz and when.
  • A launch plan for when to introduce new offers and how.
  • A tool to help you track the progress of your goals as you get closer to realizing your vision.
  • The chance to create real immunity to FOMO and shiny object syndrome.
  • Less overwhelm, greater focus, and a renewed fire in your heart.
Investment: $1800 USD

The Make Your First Hire in 6 Weeks GSD Day

Get Clear on the WHO
Ready to hire your first team member but have no idea how to start?
Have you already posted “the ask” in a Facebook group and gotten hundreds of completely unqualified candidates?
Did you once hire someone on a recommendation only to find you were wasting buckets of hours because you weren’t clear on what to delegate, and still had to do most of the work yourself?
Not sure the best way to vet applicants once you do post a job ad?
Hiring a team member, whether employee or independent contractor, takes planning and strategy. There are so many moving pieces in getting it right…because the wrong hire (aka the wrong strategy) can cost not only time, but money. (And who truly has money to burn?)
Office Sitting Area

You’ll leave the experience having:

  • Created your job ad.
  • Identified the key requirements of the new hire.
  • Developed interview questions specific to the role.
  • Created an application form and process for reviewing applicants.
  • Developed a template for performance reviews, onboarding, milestone tracking, and more.

You’ll leave the intensive with a fully mapped out plan (aka strategy) for not only finding the right candidates, but vetting, hiring, and onboarding them as well.

Investment: $1600 USD

The Smooth Operator GSD Day

Get Clear on the HOW
Small Business Office Space Desk
Just starting out?
Started your business and kinda glossed over the foundation building stuff?
Let your biz grow without a plan for how the back end would support your continued growth and evolution?
Trust me, you are NOT alone.
Often when starting a business (okay, like, always) making money is the important piece. But the sooner you get your backside in order, the faster (and easier) it is to grow smoothly.
Let’s get together and lay the groundwork — the foundation — that will support your business as you continue to grow and evolve. (It’s never too late!)

You’ll leave the experience having:

  • Audited the 5 key operational systems in your business: money, marketing, client care, team, growth & development.
  • Ranked for priority of focus.
  • Designed a plan that breaks down how to fix or fill gaps.
  • Determine all tasks and areas that can be delegated (along with when and to whom).
  • Create a realistic timeline for implementation.
Investment: $1600 USD
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