Training, Speaking & Workshops

Because the fastest growth is in community & collaboration.

Sarah offers a variety of short training and workshop style events for your community or audience around what it takes to build a business (the operations AND the mindset).

The Corporate Trauma Keeping You Stressed, Struggling and unable to thrive in your business (and what to do about it)

Being a woman and mother in the employee space can leave many wounds and deep scars because of the toxic relationship many of us had with our workplace. Competition with other women, having our “no” disrespected, having to hide parts of our lives and our personalities. Many women move into online business to rediscover themselves and set themselves free, but bring those toxic beliefs and behaviours with them, stifling their ability to be a badass business owner and leader. In her signature keynote talk, Sarah addresses how to overcome these beliefs, and truly thrive in the online space.

6 Weeks to Your First Hire

In 60 mins, learn the 6 step process to effectively and efficiently hire your first team member as a business owner. If you’re a service provider, this is also a great workshop for understanding what you should be looking for in the job search process to ensure the right fit.

Build Your Own Strategy and Plan Out Your Year

In this 90 min workshop, Sarah walks you through the 7 strategic pillars of EVERY business, and how to effectively plan and prioritize in each of them. Your audience will leave with a roadmap of what to focus on over the next 12 months that they can implement independently or with support.

Toppling the Jenga Tower: Building a Strong Foundation for Your Legacy Business

In this 90 min workshop, Sarah will help you understand the foundation of every business: the mission, vision and values that are at the heart of every decision you make, and every step you take. You’ll leave with clarity on how to craft your mission, where the vision fits (and creating one that is specific to you), and how to identify values that are not influenced by anyone around you, and actually come from what is important to you and your life. (This one is a game changer for many!)

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