Sick of the grind? The gimmicks? The smoke-and-mirrors?

It's time to ditch the distractions, unrelatable advice, and the get-rich-quick hacks, and double down on a simple strategy that bridges your vision with your reality.

Let’s get to work.

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Don’t create more time, reclaim your time by focusing on what is necessary for growth right now.

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Invest in only those supports that will actually support your business.

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Make empowered decisions with confidence and ease. (We call that audacity!)

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Create offers that are aligned with your authority & expertise right now so you stop feeling uncomfortable selling.

CR Flame_Color

Make empowered decisions with confidence and ease. (We call that audacity!)

CR Flame_Color

Create offers that are aligned with your authority and expertise right now so you stop feeling uncomfortable selling.

Overwhelmed by what next steps to take??

Book a free 30 minute "What Next?" assessment to find your specific stage of business maturity (spoiler alert: it has nothing to do with how long you've been in business), and what you should be focusing on for growth that feels easy and aligned.

My 4-stage framework transforms visionary ambition into tangible success.

Since 2018, I've helped over 80 business owners find their RIGHT recipe for success.

Business Framework

This is just the beginning.

Every part of the framework allows for customized solutions because it all starts with why you did this at all.

It all starts with your PURPOSE, your anchor. The thing that will keep you grounded in clarity and resilience even when it feels like everything is trying to pull you off course.

The Vision to Reality™ Framework utilizes powerful tools like my 4P Strategy and the Entrepreneur Growth Hierarchy to creat an incredibly powerful mix that honors both YOUR needs AND the very pragmatic and essential needs of the business.

As we move through each step of the framework we create EASE by eliminating busy work, distraction, uncertainty, and BS.

The framework may look simple, but each step hides a rich mix of elements that only work if they ARE personalized to you. So no chance of cookie cutter nonsense here!

Testimonials (24) (1)

“Sarah helped me strategize and simplify my quarterly goals and exceed my own expectations. I highly recommend having Sarah work her magic in your business. It’s truly a game changer.

Dr. Nicole Garritano

I don't need an overhaul, just a fresh perspective.

The Soft Reset



A 2-hour refinement call to review and refresh the key identity elements of your business, without having to start from scratch.

who it's for:

You're an established business owner who has been learning and adding things to their toolkit for a long time.

You've been building on old (and sometimes outdated) growth and want a fresh start without a complete "memory wipe".

what's included:

In depth questions to help determine the current state of your identity assets.

Updated drafts of your mission, vision and values statements, your "I help" statement, a renewed content focus (ie: pillars) and core message, and if desired a new 50 word professional bio.

2 hour refinement call and PDF guide (post call)

3 days of Voxer support to refine or process the updated assets

Investment: $497 USD

Testimonials (25)

“She was able to extract the big dream into strategic bite-sized pieces and directly communicate goals to be on a path to success more quickly."

Rachel Brooks

I have a lot of ideas, but no idea how to make them happen.

Biz Growth Audit + 90-Day Strategy



An audit and 90-day strategy designed for your specific stage of growth, rooted in ease and simplicity.

who it's for:

You who want specific “tell me how to make this happen” guidance

You have a team, can implement on your own, or are ready to pay for implementation support

You want a comprehensive map with a clear timeline for implementation

what's included:

An in depth audit using my proprietary Entrepreneur Growth Hierarchy

A 90-min strategy call to define your specific priorities and areas of focus for accelerated growth

A 90-day project and action plan mapped out in an easy to implement format

14 days of messaging support as you begin executing your plan

A 30-min follow-up call to use within 60 days of your session

Investment: $888 USD

Testimonials (26)

“Sarah has a keen focus not just on the practical but the mental health side of business as well. She’ll give you actionable steps that don’t feel overwhelming and help you pinpoint exactly what you need to do."

Bai-Leigh Chapman

for awakened or connected CEO's

Chief Ease Officer Consulting



A 3 or 6-month consulting partnership that focuses on ensuring your business allows you to work less but increase your profitability, allowing you to really step into the freedom you wanted when you became an entrepreneur.

who it's for:

You want high-touch accountability and support from someone who understands what it's like to be a mom and an ambitious entrepreneur

You want the flexibility of doing it your way, but still have someone ready to call you out when you don't put your vision first

You are ready to play the long game, not the get-rich-quick BS game because you're in it for keeps

You are tired of hustling, ready to get intentional about your focus, and accelerate your growth exponentially.

what's included:

Comprehensive intake prep work 

2 x 50-min accountability calls per month (first call is a 90-min benchmark call)

Monthly planning session (6-month engagements only)

Priority messaging support (during business hours) for duration of engagement

1 x 30-min SOS call to use each month

Investment: $1500 per month (3 or 6 month commitment)

Podcast (300 × 500 px) (1)

the podcast

Business Blasphemy

A podcast where we question the sacred truths of the online business space and the reverence with which they’re held.