EP74: [REPLAY] What I Learned From Doing 47 Consult Calls in 3 Months

What were the top 3 business challenges 47 different business women had in common?

In this repeat episode, I share my lessons learned that one time (at band camp — ha!) I did 47 free consult calls for women business owners.

As I sat and tracked the data from all of those calls, I started to notice distinct patterns. All of the challenges women were coming to me for fell into 1 of 3 categories: defining financial success, creating impactful content, and managing time effectively.

Join me as I share the advice I gave during those calls, and how you can shift your own perspectives around these “Big 3” to find more ease in running your business.


“You’re not crippling yourself financially to keep your business running…right?

Honoring your capacity means recognizing not just your available time, but also your energy, emotional state, and physical well-being.

“I started to notice patterns… I started to notice that of all the challenges all 47 of these incredible women were having, they could be distilled down to 3 very clear categories.”

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