EP73: [REPLAY] Emotional Labor: The Hidden Struggle of Entrepreneurs w/ Shulamit Ber Levtov

Ever wondered how to handle the emotional rollercoaster of running your own business?

In this repeat episode, Shulamit Ber Levtov, the Entrepreneur’s Therapist, breaks down the seven mental health risk factors that hit entrepreneurs hardest. From isolation to managing impressions and the relentless ups and downs, Shula offers sharp insights and practical strategies to keep your well-being in check.

Balancing self-disclosure and professionalism is tough, especially for leaders and therapists. Shula’s powerful car accident metaphor sheds light on trauma and healing, stressing the importance of thoughtful sharing.

We dive into the emotional labor of portraying authenticity on social media and the unrealistic expectations that can strain team dynamics. This conversation highlights the necessity of maintaining boundaries to avoid overwhelming those who can’t help.

Success shouldn’t come at the cost of your mental health. Shula shares her journey from trauma survivor to sought-after trauma therapist, warning against the misuse of “trauma-informed” marketing.

She urges listeners to seek genuine support and embrace self-compassion as key to well-being.

The episode wraps up with no-nonsense advice on finding the right therapist and simple coping mechanisms for tough moments, offering practical steps to thrive in business and life. Tune in for a wealth of insights that will empower your entrepreneurial journey.

Guest Bio:

Shulamit is the Entrepreneurs’ Therapist and co-founder of the Business Therapy Centre. She works with women business owners to care for their mental and emotional wellbeing in an era of relentless stressors that can make you lose your shit on the daily.

Shulamit has been an entrepreneur for over 27 years and has more than 22 years of professional experience applying therapeutic, coaching and somatic tools to support women’s mental health and personal growth. In addition to working with clients 1:1, Shulamit teaches in private and university business programs and speaks locally, nationally and internationally about the intersection of mental health, trauma, financial psychology and entrepreneurship.

As an award-winning entrepreneur, masters-level, licensed trauma therapist and trauma survivor, with certifications in Brené Brown’s Dare To Lead methodology, Trauma of Money facilitation, Nonviolent Communication and Yoga, Shula brings a unique perspective and approach to supporting women in business.

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Who are the people in this online entrepreneurship economy who are training these people to be trauma informed? Are you sufficiently trained or qualified to hold space for what’s going to come up when you have unhealed trauma survivors drawn to you by your marketing language?

And isolation is the single biggest threat. The U. S. Surgeon General identified isolation as having a health impact equivalent to smoking 15 cigarettes a day.

“We are stronger with support. And when we are stronger, our businesses are stronger. To me, it’s as simple as that.”

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