EP72: [REPLAY] Pricing BS and the Trouble with High Ticket Offers

Can you really justify charging $100,000 for a VIP day?

In this replay of one of my most popular episodes, I challenge the conventional wisdom and dismantle the flawed logic behind high-ticket pricing strategies.

With nearly a decade of experience curating exclusive events for high-net-worth individuals, I reveal what truly justifies those hefty price tags. I discuss the shift from six-figure to eight-figure success benchmarks and highlight the pitfalls of adding zeros without adding value. This episode dives deep into the complexities of high-ticket offers.

Discover how to create high-ticket services that genuinely deliver exceptional value, whether they’re priced at $5,000 or $25,000.

I also expose a $25,000 coaching program that fell short, underscoring the importance of thoughtful pricing and tangible results.

Whether you’re a service provider setting your rates or a consumer considering a costly investment, I equip you with critical insights to navigate these waters wisely. Learn to set well-justified price points grounded in experience and market value, while recognizing and avoiding flashy sales tactics that hide a program’s true worth.

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“First things first, do you have the infrastructure to actually support someone’s hundred thousand dollar investment?

“I have seen some of the offers on the back end of some celebrity entrepreneurs, celebrity coaches, they’re trading on their name, but what they’re actually delivering from a content perspective is a shit sandwich.”

“I think any program worth its salt will have details available for anyone who wants them, especially at a higher price point.”

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