EP71: Assertive vs. Aggressive: Embracing Your Inner Dragon in Leadership

Ever wonder why assertive women in leadership get labeled as aggressive?

Inspired by the fierce characters in “House of the Dragon,” we dive into how women can wield their strength and assertiveness without unfair judgment.

In this episode, I share the story behind my nickname, “Dragon Lady,” given to me by my students in England. My direct communication style was intimidating at first, but they soon respected me for my protective nature. This journey of balancing confidence with kindness will resonate with anyone who’s felt misunderstood at work. I talk about the early challenges I faced and how I learned to distinguish between passion and pushiness.

We also delve into the nuances of professional communication, highlighting the importance of self-awareness and preparation. This isn’t just about dodging the aggression label; it’s about building trust and respect through assertive, confident interactions. To help you master these skills, I introduce my six-week program, Ignite Your Inner Dragon, designed to refine your leadership presence and communication prowess. By Labor Day 2024, you could achieve a quiet confidence that transforms your professional and personal life. Tune in to start this transformative journey today.

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I asked him why he came to me for advice and he saidbecause you’re one of the few people I know is going to tell me the truth, but you’re also going to help me fix whatever needs fixing, and I trust you, Sarah.’

Assertive communication does the opposite of aggressive communication. It actually fosters respect.

You can be nice and kind and thoughtful while still being direct, and in a lot of cases, it can actually be kinder than beating around the bush.

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