EP70: Unicorn Myth: The Hidden Cost of Being a Multi-Talented Service Provider

Ever wondered why the myth of the “unicorn” employee is not just unrealistic but downright exploitative? Join me as I unravel my journey from being a Virtual Assistant to a Director of Operations in the online business world, only to find my expertise undervalued and ignored.

This week’s episode exposes the hidden costs of demanding multi-talented team members to do it all, often at the expense of real strategic insights.

Listen in as I share raw, unfiltered stories about being hired for my skills but repeatedly sidelined, a frustration that ultimately drove me to speak my truth.

On the flip side, we confront a pervasive issue that many women, especially women of color, face — the appropriation of ideas and contributions without due credit. Drawing from my own experiences across various industries, I address the importance of stepping into thought leadership and reclaiming our narratives.

Learn how to craft a strategic plan and build genuine confidence to amplify your unique voice.

As we wrap up, I extend an invitation to join the “Ignite Your Inner Dragon” program, a transformative journey designed to help women own their stories, gain visibility, and drive meaningful change. This episode promises to be an empowering and thought-provoking conversation you won’t want to miss.

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“Why the fuck is it bold for me to say that? Because at the end of the day, a man would never apologize for calling out his greatness. But women are generally looked down on for doing that. We’re told to take a seat.

“Unfortunately, this experience is not unique to me. So many women have been undercut and gaslit and gatekept and sidelined, especially women of color.”

“But what bugs me is how many women’s voices are out there, not sure how to be heard, how to fight for the injustice of being copied without credit.”

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