EP69: Stop Failing Slowly: The Trouble With Waiting for the Right Moment

Are you stalling your progress waiting for the perfect moment?

In this raw and real episode, I reflect on perspective-shifting conversations with badass women I would never have met had I continued waiting for the right moment.

As the end of the school year sneaks up on us and we ease into a more laid-back vibe, I detail my own journey of stepping out of my comfort zone to join new networking groups. These moves led to meaningful collaborations and incredible connections.

I detail the concept of “failing slowly” — the trap of waiting for the perfect moment and how it can cripple your true potential. I’ll share a moment recently in Las Vegas when the realization of how I’ve failed slowly for so long hit me in the gut and had me completely breaking down in a room of 100+ women.

As we pause to reflect and recharge over the next few months, let’s commit to embracing the opportunities ahead. And stay tuned for more powerful guest episodes where I’ll bring you stories from the remarkable women leaders I’ve connected with along the way.


And yet how many of us fail ourselves, fail our visions, fail our dreams, our truth, because we are waiting for something, some signal, some sign to tell us this is the right moment to do it.

We have such an obsession with avoiding uncertainty. And yet, when you really look at life, nothing is certain, nothing, there is absolutely nothing that is in your control.

I think more of us need to feel comfortable taking the lead in spaces and in places, and really understand how much of a catalyst our stories can be, not only for ourselves but for other people, for change, for real impact in our communities, and in our own lives.

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