EP68: Do You Want Sexy or Success with Kimi Brown

Do you want sexy? Or do you want success?

Kimi Brown, the Sales Success Doctor for solopreneurs, is here to help tear apart the myth that big numbers are the only way to measure success. We get real and talk about not only what is behind those flashy success claims, but what it actually take to get success that is sustainable (because that’s what is really sexy, right?)

Not everything that glitters is gold, and we’re here to set the record straight. We’ll talk about the importance of consistent financial success and how to blend genuine human experience with AI without overdoing it on the tech — among other things. It’s about finding the right balance, avoiding quick fixes, and building real connections with your audience.

We’ll wrap up by redefining what success means for you, aligning your business with your personal goals. Kimi shares her own story of chasing financial milestones and the toll it took on her personal life. We’ll also cover the art of delegation, avoiding becoming the bottleneck in your business, and the importance of keeping it real in your marketing.

Tune in for an episode that’s more than just talk—it’s a bold, honest look at what it really takes to succeed in business.


There’s a difference between outsourcing and abdicating the throne.”

“Are you running an actual business or are you play acting at being a business owner?”

“You can’t pour from an empty cup — AND if you don’t stay still long enough, no one can pour back into yours.”

Guest Bio:

Kimi Brown, known as the Sales Success Doctor, is a beacon for solopreneurs navigating the challenging “messy middle” of online entrepreneurship. The 4-figure heroes! With a unique blend of passion for genuine connections and a knack for crafting bespoke strategies, Kimi transforms the business trajectories of those disillusioned by cookie-cutter promises. Kimi stands alongside her clients in the trenches, armed with strategies as distinctive as their personal visions, driving toward success that is not only achievable but deeply fulfilling, and is dedicated to growing her clients leads and sales to have a proven, repeatable and sustainable 4-figure business.

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