EP67: Mastering Your Voice: From Silence to Spotlight with Megan Hamilton

Do you dream of speaking but find it to be the HARDEST thing?

Megan Hamilton of UBU Skills joins me on this week’s episode to speak about speaking. Megan, an expert in speaking, visibility, and confidence coaching, dives deep into the art of self-assertion in the professional world.

We explore everything from the historical silencing of women’s voices to the fine points of personal branding in an epic journey through the cultural forces that influence our vocal empowerment. We dissect generational silence, confront internalized misogyny, and celebrate the freedom of aligning your true self with your business identity.

Megan and I share transformative stories of moving from timid silence to confident expression. We discuss the challenges of public speaking versus theatrical performance, covering everything from memorization and inclusivity to delivering an authentic message. This isn’t just a conversation; it’s a practical guide packed with anecdotes, strategies, and a heartfelt commitment to growth.

Throughout the episode, we reveal the deep link between personal development and authentic entrepreneurship. By blending personal stories with actionable advice, we highlight the journey for those looking to elevate their presence, whether at work or on influential stages like TEDx. We also tackle online visibility and the complexities of cancel culture, sharing insights on staying grounded and resilient.

This episode is more than just insight—it’s your companion for stepping into the spotlight and creating a lasting legacy of visibility.


“I always say to folks you’re not gonna undo patriarchy with your quarterly stats.

Your mothers and grandmothers wanted to protect you. So they would tell you to keep your voice down, they would tell you to obey, they would tell you to acquiesce to keep you safe.

Brains who’ve experienced a lot of trauma find it very difficult to memorize. So in my role as the speaker advisor I started advocating for my speakers who could not memorize.

Guest Bio:

Megan is a speaking, visibility and confidence coach for women, non-binary folks and all queer people.

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