EP66: Balancing Health without the Hustle with Lauren Wells

Gut Health Bestie, Lauren Wells, joins us this week to share her journey from personal trainer to a pivotal wellness advocate for entrepreneurs. Her story underscores the crucial link between digestive health and managing stress — a powerful narrative for women of color who juggle high-stakes roles and self-care. Lauren talks about the complexities of online health information, and crafting a holistic well-being plan that aligns with your entrepreneurial drive.

Tackling the healthcare maze is no small feat, something I resonate with deeply due to my own health journey. This episode unveils the critical need to stand up for your health needs with providers, find dietary strategies that work for you, and recognize the immense power of simply taking a deep breath. Learn how leveraging community support and expert advice can tailor a health strategy just for you, proving that small, consistent steps can lead to lasting wellness successes.

We also touch on the balance between dietary supplements and real food, advocating for nutrient-rich whole foods amid our busy entrepreneurial lives. Tune in to an episode that not only informs but also empowers you to meld success with health in a seamless lifestyle blend.


“Because a lot of us overachievers get caught up in doing extra shit and we end up bypassing what we must do.

When I started my business, the idea of not sitting at my desk for 8 hours a day was completely foreign to me.

Studies often show that women of color are not really heard. They don’t go the extra mile for them in the medical field at times, unfortunately.

Guest Bio:

Lauren LC Wells, aka the Gut Health Bestie™, is a Certified Digestive Health Coach and founder of Hervival®, a revolutionary holistic wellness company that focuses on empowering modern-day women of color to prioritize self-care, mindfulness, and gut health.  With over 10 years of expertise in nutrition, gut health, and mindfulness, she focuses on stress management and burnout prevention to assist women in living their best healthy and happy lives.

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