EP65: Bank on Yourself: Kimberly Graham’s No-Nonsense Guide to Financial Freedom

Build a business debt-free?

Yes, please.

On this week’s episode, I sit down with Kimberly Graham, a powerhouse who built a six-figure business without diving into debt. Together, we move past the usual savings advice and dig deep into the heart of financial literacy and empowerment. Why do so many of us feel lost when it comes to finances? Kimberly, a master of money management, gives us the essential tools we often miss out on due to gaps in our education and financial systems.

Kimberly doesn’t just crunch numbers; she completely transforms how we think about success and personal values. Our conversation sheds light on the subjective nature of success, encouraging listeners to reshape financial goals based on their own dreams, not societal expectations. We uncover the danger of linking wealth to wisdom and talk about how emotional intelligence is key to financial stability. Sharing stories of overcoming debt and the freedom that comes from being in control of your money, you’ll be inspired to redefine what financial success looks like for you.

We explore the emotional and strategic aspects of money and entrepreneurship, especially for women balancing business and family. From the necessity of an emergency fund to the myth that high income equals financial savvy, and the breakthroughs clients achieve when they connect their finances with their emotions, we shed light on the multifaceted relationship we all have with money.

If you’re ready to take charge of your financial future and make choices that align with your deepest values, this episode is for you.


When you’re acting from that space of desperation and worry and fear, that’s when you start to make bad decisions.”

“You can see when somebody is posting about something because they’re desperate to make cash. They’ve had a low cash month and now suddenly they’re going whole hog with sales versus somebody who you can tell is just consistently making good money and you don’t get that desperation breath off of them.

“Contrary to what a lot of people think, your financial advisor is not going to help you with your day to day management of your funds. They’re not going to build your budget for you. They’re not going to help you with your mindset because they’re not allowed to.”

Guest Bio:

Kim is a dynamic speaker and experienced educator holding a Masters in Education Curriculum and Instruction. She built her six-figure business debt free and has put over 1/2 million dollars back into her client’s pockets. With a passion for empowering individuals to take control of their financial destinies, she shares her wealth-building strategies with audiences worldwide. Kim’s engaging talks seamlessly blend real-world experiences, practical insights, and actionable steps, resonating with anyone striving to achieve financial independence.

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