EP64: Web Wisdom: Building a Business Website That Converts with Kelsey Romine

Your website into a powerful piece of your business puzzle. Join me and Kelsey Romine as we dive into why your site should do more than just exist—it should tell your story and entice your visitors to act.

We’ll explore how the right images, fonts, and colors can make your website a magnet for your ideal audience, and we’ll tackle the typical traps that many fall into when designing their online store front.

In a more personal segment, I open up about my own shift from being a teacher to becoming a business owner. We’ll walk through my journey, discussing the challenges and victories I encountered along the way, especially how becoming a mother influenced my career path and pushed me towards seeking that ever-elusive harmony between work and life. This is for all you fellow women entrepreneurs out there: remember, don’t let where you are today limit where you can go tomorrow.

To cap off our conversation, Kelsey and I pay homage to the unsung heroes—teachers. We share our own experiences and the profound impact educators have on shaping futures. It’s all about being true to yourself and using that authenticity to thrive both in the classroom and in business.

So, whether you’re here to gather some pro tips for your next website or to find inspiration in our personal tales of growth and resilience, this episode is for you.


It’s okay to keep changing your mind until you find what works for you.”

“We’re busy. We don’t have time to read a thousand paragraphs on a website to end up booking a call to then talk more about what you do.

Guest Bio:

Kelsey Romine is mom to 3 littles and a website designer. She’s a former teacher turned entrepreneur helping create websites for busy coaches and service providers that have a strong strategy and a custom design to attract your ideal clients and get them taking action. Your website can be one of the best marketing tools for your business with the right strategy behind a beautiful design to get it working for you and help you book out your services.

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Website design tweaks you can make to your website that can help land you higher paying clients or fill your inbox with new leads.

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