EP63: Stories that Sell: Entrepreneurial Storytelling with Jennifer DeWitt

Stories sell. Period.

Case in point: have you ever closed a good book with a sense of connection and satisfaction at the journey you’ve just been through? That’s the power of storytelling, and it’s not just for books!

This week I’m joined by copywriting whiz Jennifer DeWitt to unravel the art of spinning tales that captivate clients without the hard sell.

Jennifer helps entrepreneurs weave their narratives into marketing gold, proving that even the most everyday experiences can capture your audience’s heart and shares how these stories can enrich our lives and businesses.

We talk about how to balance content that serves with stories that sell, and dissect how to turn client transformations into testimonials that don’t just sing your praises but tell a tale of real-life magic.

We wrap with a heart-to-heart on navigating the entrepreneurial waters while keeping our personal life afloat. Touching on my shift from education to entrepreneurship to Jennifer’s own journey, we explore the importance of authenticity and empathy, both in client relations and personal endeavours. It’s about finding your circle, setting boundaries, and valiantly wearing the many hats life throws our way – all while crafting a narrative that rings true to who we are, in and out of the boardroom.


“People make the mistake of well, if I’m telling a story, it has to be super long and really juicy or just thinking their life is too boring. But the boring stuff is what people relate to, because most people’s lives are a little boring.

When I’m looking at stories, I’m like is this funny enough that I would tell my husband about it, or that I would text my friend about it or tell my mom about it? Can I sit and have a cup of coffee with someone and tell them about something funny that happened during my day?

Guest Bio:

Jennifer DeWitt is a website copywriter and storytelling expert. She supports female founders around the globe to craft value-centric, story-driven content that leaves people going, “Hell yes, I want to work with her!”

As a former librarian, Jennifer believes in the power of words, research, and storytelling. Now, she’s on a mission to help more business owners expand their impact by harnessing these tools. She’s here to help you sell without ever sounding sales-y.

When Jennifer isn’t working, you’ll find her hanging out with family, sipping coffee, or with her nose buried in a book.

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