EP62: Promise: Cultivating Unshakeable Commitment in Entrepreneurship

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Commitment is nothing more than a promise you make… in this case, to yourself.

This episode is all about the transformative power of self-promise—it’s the self-made commitment that keeps your business vision alive and thriving.

Over the last 3 episodes, we talked about the combined strength of purpose, priorities and your 5 capacities (aka power) in relation to consistent success.

But none of them work if you don’t commit.

For an entrepreneur, promises are more than just words; they’re the lifeblood of our commitment to success. It’s the promise to stick with it, to follow through, and to get support when you need it. To promise yourself you don’t HAVE to go it alone.

It’s a short and sweet one this week, but it’s the one that makes it all mean something.

If a transition from non-stop hustle to a life-serving business is what you’re after, remember, my door is always open for those who want to weave these 4 Ps into the tapestry of their own business ethos.


One of the things especially super ambitious type A women do is we take everything onto ourselves. We don’t ask for help and then we get pissed off when nobody helps us. Well, why would people help you when you’re a fucking superwoman and you can do all of these things yourself?

We thrive in community. We grow when we have a support system, and so it’s the promise you make to yourself to never feel like you have to go it alone or it doesn’t count.

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