EP61: Power Up: Strategizing Your Powerful Internal Resources for Success

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Ever feel like the mantra “we all have the same 24 hours” doesn’t quite fit your life?

This episode tears down that myth and reconstructs a more personal blueprint for success. As we continue dissecting the four Ps of consistent success, we zero in on the third P: power.

I’m here to unfold the layers of your potential, showing you how to prioritize tasks that genuinely push your business forward, and reveal the truth about personal capacity. From the energy you expend to the resources you wield, I’ll steer you through making every business move count.

Harnessing power isn’t just about sheer effort; it’s about the finesse of managing your team, tapping into expert insights, and mastering the art of delegation. This episode isn’t just talk—I’m bringing practical tools and personal anecdotes to the table, illustrating how a robust support system is as valuable as your professional network.

We’ll also discuss the importance of financial wisdom and investing within your means, preparing you for next week’s deep dive into the emotional aspect of promise in business. If you’re an entrepreneur at any level, ready to sync your ambitions with your true capacity, this is your sign to listen up.


We shouldn’t have to push through all the time, and that then reduces the possibility of burnout, and that keeps you from feeling overwhelmed to the point where you just hate everything and you make bad decisions.

Support is not just about team support, but do you have things in your life that are supporting your ability to focus on your business on any given day?

When you honor money and what you can comfortably invest in something, you start to make decisions from a much more powerful, empowered place.

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