EP60: Priorities: Tackling the Right Tasks for Focused Business Growth

Ever feel like your business checklist is leading you everywhere except to success?

Last week, we anchored ourselves in purpose. This week, we focus on priorities as the compass to navigate the daily grind of what to do.

This episode is all about ditching the typical to-do list and embracing strategic priorities that align with your business’s current stage of growth. We’re not just chasing tasks – we’re chasing milestones. Join me as I break down the five distinct stages every business experiences and guide you on what to focus on to accelerate your growth — without bogging you down in burnout.

And it’s not about the length of time you’ve been in business that matters; it’s way more nuanced. I share insights on identifying and tackling priorities that matter, ensuring you’re not just busy, but productive.

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“When you are very clear on what your priorities need to be, you’re only doing those things that are going to move your business forward based on where you are right now, and it doesn’t matter how many hours a week you have to work. You actually get to focus on the stuff every single day that matters.

There are certain conditions that have to exist in your business before you can sustainably move to the next level. You can jump stages, but because you haven’t built the foundation, that jump to a different level is not going to be sustainable and you’re going to find yourself falling back through the gaps.

Because priorities isn’t just about the business, it’s about what matters in your life, too.

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