EP56: Unfiltered Reflection: Is it Time to Shift Focus?

Am I the asshole?

This week I share the outcome of so many conversations about how exhausted people are by the online business space — a pondering that maybe it’s time to shift our focus.

The unethical tactics and shitty behaviours many business owners buy into isn’t going to change any time soon (because these behaviours are entrenched in the very space they thrive in).

So maybe it’s time to address the actual problem: YOU.

Join me for a quick insight into what I think we get to start focusing on in 2024… and it’s not bro marketing.


I’ve seen the truth of it. I’ve seen how hard it is for them to keep up that level of income. And it’s revenue. It’s not net. A lot of the time, yeah, they’re making six figures, but it’s revenue. It’s not what they’re taking home.

“People are not always telling the truth, not because they are trying to manipulate, not because they are intentionally trying to pull the wool over your eyes. I mean, there’s always people who are, but they’re few and far between. The vast majority of people are just afraid of reality, because reality is not always fun.

We are at a wonderful tipping point where we get to decide how we are going to take things into the future of not just entrepreneurship and online business as business owners.

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