EP55: The Controversy of Commitment: Why “All In” is a Huge Red Flag

How much do you really have to give (or give up) to be considered “all in” when it comes to your job or your business?

This week, I recount a deeply personal journey, pulling back the curtain on the emotional rollercoaster of what seems like an increasingly convoluted job application process. I share the excitement of connecting with what seemed like the perfect team, where my expertise was truly valued, to the sting of having a promising job offer taken away because of the question of commitment.

But this conversation goes beyond the nuts and bolts of job hunting. It’s an exploration of the controversial demands for “all-in” dedication. I talk about how this expectation can be both a badge of honor and a source of shame, challenging the established norms of what employers expect. It’s time to bring to argue for a healthier balance, one that values personal growth just as much as professional achievement, without leading to burnout.

Through my experiences, I offer insights and critical perspectives that question the business world’s definition of commitment. It’s all about the struggles of seeking employment while running a business, and the important lessons on setting boundaries in the pursuit of a career that’s truly fulfilling.


Especially as women, we’re raised in our careers as feeling like we have to make a choice. Either you’re totally committed to your career or you’re not. There’s no gray area. No understanding of the realities of life.

As entrepreneurs, we have a responsibility to ensure that we’re not creating a capitalist, corporate clone when we start our businesses and employ other people.

I had gotten to a point where I was willing to shut down something that’s been very important to me for the last six years of my life. How much more all in does a person need to be?

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