EP53: Beyond Balance: Rethinking Work + Life in an Unbalanced World

When life finally threw me the Covid curveball, the forced time off had me questioning the very notion of work-life balance.

Here’s the truth about our pursuit of balance: you’ll never reach it because it doesn’t exist.

In this from-the-heart episode, I take a look at the cost of juggling all the balls: health, family duties, and professional ambitions, and reveal how the quest for balance actually comes down to making space for life’s chaos.

This episode isn’t just about weathering storms; it’s a call for redefining self-worth in a society that measures us by our output. I challenge you to reassess your daily grind, asking if each task truly serves your goals and your joy.

Because it’s not about work-life balance at all. It’s about something much sweeter. Tune in to find out what.


How much of your life is a checklist of things to do? Because you’ve somehow associated your worth with the checking of boxes?

I’m going to repeat that. Your present self will thank you, because your present self is all you ever have. There is no future self, there’s no one day, there’s no next week, there’s only now.

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