EP51: Three Tough Love Truths to Kick Off 2024

Have you ever tossed a business idea into the void after a brief effort, hoping for instant success but ultimately giving up?

Hold that thought, because I’m dishing out a reality check on patience and perseverance this week.

I’m sharing 3 tough love truths that we all need to embrace if we’re going to make any progress in our business growth in 2024. Bold claim? Probably. But also probably not.

Join me as I explain why the key to a flourishing business isn’t speed but steady growth over time. Plus, I’ll debunk the idea that every low-ticket customer is a stepping stone to high-ticket sales, providing a fresh perspective on how to genuinely cater to different client needs.

And I’ll wrap up by talking about the ‘passion-turned-profit’ narrative and why it doesn’t have to be your story. It’s not just about yielding to the pressure of monetizing every skill; it’s about aligning your business ventures with what resonates deep within your core values.



Please stop buying into the fallacy of massive value.

So stop working yourself into a tizzy and just giving away more and more stuff because you think massive value equals profit.

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