EP49: Back to Blasphemy: A Preview of What’s to Come in 2024

Stepping into 2024 doesn’t have to mean sprinting full speed ahead.

I’m all about challenging that relentless hustle culture as we ease into the New Year.

Forget about the mad dash to be ultra-productive—this week, it’s all about intentional pacing and embracing the power of rest. As I share my personal holiday recovery and the surprising clarity that comes from simply slowing down, you’ll discover why sometimes the best ideas and strategies emerge when we allow ourselves a moment to breathe.

Year two of Business Blasphemy is upon us, and it’s shaping up to be a wild ride of continued conversation with a fresh twist. We’re not just questioning those sacred entrepreneurship norms; we’re ready to overhaul our approach to business.

It’s about building a venture that genuinely respects your individual life and aspirations, minus the intimidation from those self-proclaimed gurus. Are you prepared to join me in reshaping our entrepreneurial mindset? Let’s step boldly into this chapter together, ready for transformation as we kick butts and take names.



“And now in not pushing myself, I find the answers come much more easily. And quickly, right? The right answers come quickly.”

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