EP48: Exploring the Evolving Landscape of Online Business in 2023/24 — with Elaine Jardon, Jennifer Battle, Rachel Aiken and Erika Tebbens

Online business has evolved enormously since 2020.

This week, I’m joined by 4 audacious and incredibly powerful and insightful business owners: Jennifer Battle, Rachel Aiken, Elaine Jardon, and Erika Tebbens.

Tune in as they share their journey and the evolution of online entrepreneurship over the last few years. We unmask the aftermath of the pandemic and its effect on business strategies and buyer habits. We explore currency in the digital marketplace and the key to making sales. We pay homage to our collective growth, the trials and triumphs of doing business differently and the innovations birthed from necessity.

We also talk about the changing definitions of business success. This isn’t just about revenue – it’s about personal growth, mentorships, and crafting a business model that is as structured as it is flexible, exploring the duality of working to live and living to work, and how sometimes the means to an end could be the end itself.

We touch on a variety of topics within the online space: marketing, email and copy, courses and IP, strategy, education and coaching, capacity, and the over-simplification of teaching.

With 2024 on the horizon, we leave no stone unturned, discussing our predictions for the business landscape and how it’s changing (or needs to change), the need for a customer-centric approach and the balance between sharing your intimate journey while achieving larger-than-life results. Whether you’re an experienced entrepreneur or a newcomer to the business world, this conversation is a necessity.



“I think a lot of people who are in the online space were convinced that you can build a business here that is somehow immune to the realities of business everywhere else.” (Sarah)

“It is fundamentally unrealistic that the vast majority of people are going to have a six figure or a multiple six figure business and be able to sustain it.” (Erika)

“You can’t justify a $25,000 mastermind if the person doesn’t think ‘I’ll 10x my investment’.” (Erika)

On scaling a business using courses: “Don’t just buy a crappy program that says this is how you package it up and this how you sell it. You’re basically stepping into the role of becoming an educator.” (Rachel)

“One of the biggest disservices I feel like we’ve done over the years collectively as an industry is dumb it down and bastardize it into something that has ended up in this collective gaslighting of ‘If you can’t make it work because I did…you’re the problem’.” (Sarah)

“Well you can’t do it yourself because we need each other. The clarity comes from conversation.” (Elaine)

“Clients want to see a portfolio of work now; before just kind of a good word from someone else that they knew you was enough. Now people want receipts.” (Elaine)

“It is never just the student’s responsibility to be able to create a great learning experience.” (Rachel)

“I love technology, but there’s no substitute for me spending my money with someone who I have a great relationship with who I know cares about me and I want to support them with my dollars.” (Jennifer)

“Why do we think the same rules that have applied for hundreds of years in business no longer apply to us because we’ve got a computer and a phone?” (Jennifer)


Connect with Our Guests:

Rachel Aiken:
Rachel Aiken Consulting is an online business education company specializing in working with service based entrepreneurs. My mission is to guide my clients to successfully and sustainably scale their expertise with signature programs that make a bigger impact around their vision for success. My vision is for the conversation in the online business space to change from being revenue focused to client results focused by sharing my Signature Success Activators.

Elaine Jardon:
Elaine Jardon’s a website marketing expert and email marketing strategist for standout service providers. She works with small businesses to clarify and simplify their messaging so more website visitors become leads and more leads become clients.

  • elainejardon.com
  • @thejardongroup on all the socials

Erika Tebbens:
Erika Tebbens (she/her) is a Growth Strategist for experienced entrepreneurs who want to become sought after experts and industry innovators. Helping changemakers, thought-leaders, and visionaries get their culture shifting work in front of more of the right people, in truly sustainable ways, is her jam. She does this through crafting individualized visibility and messaging strategies that are highly-impactful, sales-focused, and always values aligned.

Jennifer Battle:
Jennifer Battle is a speaker, podcaster and thought partner. She helps women break out of their boxes by asking deep questions so that they can reveal their best lives.

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