EP47: No More Side Quests: Business Strategy Advice from the Wizarding World

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Diving into my nerdiness to find business strategy lessons? Absolutely!

I received an unexpected perspective shift direct from the hallowed halls of Hogwarts, which tied directly to business strategy — and it was a lesson I absolutely had to share.

We all know the struggles of business in the online space — the shiny object syndrome (that I refer to as SOS), the FOMO (fear of missing out), all the distractions…

The dreaded but incredibly tantalizing “side quests”.

This week I explore how to maintain a laser focus on your “main quests” to avoid being derailed by the “side quests”. I share my thoughts on conducting a thorough audit of experiences and knowledge, the power of engaging conversations with coaches, and the need to fill any knowledge gaps.

I also touch on the essential elements of planning a year of intentional focus on our primary business mission. Strap in and prepare to level up your business game.



“It’s okay to pivot your business and it is okay to tweak and evolve and grow in certain directions, but if you have done the foundational work, then the core essence of why you’re in business will always be there and it will be visible to people.”

“Too many of us run our businesses the same way… we have a main quest… but the side quests… we get so caught up we often lose sight of the main goal.”


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