EP46: Building 2024 on a Solid Foundation Part 2: Setting the Stage for an Intentional New Year

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I carry on from last week and offer an intimate insight into my practice of year-end reflection. I reveal my 10 thought-provoking questions for self-reflection and discuss how it fuels my intentional planning. This year, I’ve chosen to fully embrace the holiday spirit by pausing all client work in December, gifting myself some time for rest and rejuvenation.

In preparation for planning in the new year, these questions — I feel — should be part of your reflective process as you introspect on the year gone by and think about what has to change for the upcoming one. These questions will guide you to spot areas of resistance and define what you’re prepared to welcome or bid farewell to in 2024.

As I share the questions, I give context and elaborate as best I can, so here are the questions in their entirety in case you are listening without a notebook in the moment!

1. What are 3 things I’m proud of having accomplished this year?
2. What have I learned that I can continue to work on next year?
3. What am I willing to fight for / stop fighting against? (or Where have I been throwing up resistance in my life or business?)
4. What am I willing to show up for in 2024 / leave behind in 2023?
5. Who am I going to be? What am I going to do?
6. How do I want to live each day going forward?
7. What is it important for me to do with my time each day / week?
8. Who deserves space in my life? Who doesn’t?
9. Whose opinion of it all do I care about?
10. What characteristics of the next version of myself do I want to cultivate next year?



I want my planning to be intentional. I don’t want it to be a reaction to whatever emotions I was feeling at the time when I was doing my reflection. So that’s why I do the reflection now and then give it some space.”

Because with resistance, it’s there to tell you that something either needs to change or you need to accept it and internalize it a little bit differently.


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