EP45: Building 2024 on a Solid Foundation Part 1: Prepping Before You Plan

Are you feeling the pressure to lay out your plans for 2024? I’m gonna share a secret with you — I’ve discovered the magic of kicking off my planning in mid-January. And before I even get to that point, — I prep.

You have no idea how much more effective planning in your business can be if you take the time to reflect on your journey so far before deciding where it goes next. Join me as I unpack the process and share how it can set the stage for a more balanced, fulfilling year ahead both professionally and personally.

In this episode, I share insights on how to ensure your values steer your business in the right direction, how my mission and vision are at the epicentre of my business, and how you too can create a roadmap that aligns your personal and professional goals.

Remember, planning isn’t about checking boxes off a to-do list; it’s about carving out the life you dream of. So, ditch the clichéd nonsense and take an intentional approach to embrace the new year.



Part of planning is clearing the space you need to make for other things to happen.

Because without clarity on those two things, you’re really just flailing around and being busy.

I promise you, there is no one method or time frame or process that is magical and that will suddenly have you feeling like you’ve got your shit together.


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