EP44: From Classroom to Clicks: An Email Marketing Masterclass with Elaine Jardon

Get ready for a no-nonsense dive into the world of email marketing with the ever-delightful Elaine Jardon.

Having swapped out her teacher’s hat for an entrepreneur’s cap, Elaine delivers the lessons of the day with the kind of no-nonsense truth-telling former teachers are really good at.

Elaine isn’t just another voice in the crowd. She’s breaking the mold with her fresh take on email marketing tactics. She understands that speaking your client’s language and maintaining solid relationships are the real game-changers in business. Listen in as she unpacks the secrets to nailing the frequency of your emails and the art of keeping your content spot-on for your audience.

And it gets better. Elaine brings lessons from her teaching days to the table, showing us how straight-shooting feedback can make all the difference. Her Standout Intro Generator isn’t just a tool; it’s your new best friend for writing emails that get read.

So, if you’re ready for strategies that cut through the fluff and advice that sticks, listen in this week and get your email ish sorted.

Guest Bio:

Elaine Jardon is a website marketing expert and email marketing strategist for standout service providers. She works with small businesses to clarify and simplify their messaging so more website visitors become leads and more leads become clients.

Connect with Elaine: 

@thejardongroup on all the socials
Download her Standout Intro Generator: elainejardon.com/intro

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The service provider isn’t the hero, the reader is the hero, and so sometimes it’s easy to send things that are missing, that ‘so what’?”

A lot of people believe that as long as they include the subscribers name, they have successfully personalized the email. Hmm, that is not true.

“We all want to show our expertise and what we do and all of that, but as readers, we don’t care about that.


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