EP43: The One Where We Tell Creepy, Weird Stories Because It’s Halloween

Ready for some goose-bumpy adventures with Business Blasphemy?

This week we steer away from business as usual and cross over to the realm of the unexplained. We’re bringing you a Halloween special filled with eerie and weird stories shared by our community. From haunted office spaces to unsettling vacation experiences, we promise this episode will leave you with goosebumps!

From ghost stories to UFO sightings to being lead by something from the beyond…the question isn’t if you believe in the unknown, but how much you’re willing to be swayed by the inexplicable.

Whatever your stance on the supernatural, this episode guarantees to challenge your beliefs and keep you riveted! So get comfy, stay alert, and let’s traverse the spooky unknown together in our blasphemous Halloween special!



Now I’m legitimately terrified. I go back downstairs, close the door to my office, pick up the phone. I’m like, ‘mom, the table’s moved, there’s nobody upstairs’. She’s like ‘get the hell out of the house’.”

And as soon as she says that the little planchette that’s just sitting in the middle of the board (because that’s where we left it) flies off the board, smacks into the wall so hard that it breaks in half…

Saw it with my own eyes, was like what the fuck? That really fucking happened.”


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