EP42: Unlocking Efficiency: the Hidden Magic of Business Ops with Amber Monaco

Military service, legal work in DC, and then digital nomadism in Thailand — Amber Monaco has never been shy to take on new challenges and carve her own path.

Founder of You Need An Amber LLC, Amber’s journey is not only inspiring but also incredibly insightful for anyone looking to streamline their business operations.

In this week’s episode, Amber lifts the veil on the realities of hitting big entrepreneurial milestones and underscores the necessity of solid operations, including clear communication, especially when onboarding new team members. You know we get gritty and talk about the fallacy of the six-figure success mentality, and she offers a fresh perspective on what true entrepreneurial success looks like.

We also tackle the often intimidating area of Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs), discussing their role in providing control and ease within business operations. She gives advice on how to strike a balance between providing structure and fostering creativity as well as the importance of money tracking, delivering on promises, and the evolving concept of professionalism in the online business arena.

Settle in for a ride through the nitty-gritty of business operations, and emerge with a new appreciation for the backbone of your business.

Guest Bio:

Amber Monaco is the owner of You Need An Amber, LLC – dedicated to backend operations and project management. Her goal is to create efficiencies in businesses so owners can have more white space in their calendars. She lives her life and runs her business in a way that promotes feeling calm and at ease. Amber lives in Kansas City, MO with her partner, Andrew, his two kids, one cat, some chickens, and more tomato plants to feed a small army.

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If you hire me to come in and be your operations manager, I’m not going to earn you money. I’m not your graphic designer or your copywriter or whatever that you’re billing out to the clientbecause I’m working on your business.”

If your employee has a really great onboarding experience, that’s amazing and they will probably be a better employee, they’ll probably be more efficient, they’ll probably stay around longer, but that’s very difficult to translate into dollars. But that doesn’t mean that it’s not important.


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