EP41: Reclaiming the Power of Audacity: A New Narrative for Female Entrepreneurs

How often have you, as a woman, been told to sit still, be quiet, or to not make a scene? How has that shaped your journey into entrepreneurship, and does it hold you back from being audacious and authentic?

This week I talk very plainly about the conditioning that women undergo from childhood that follows us into adulthood, influencing our capacity to be authentic, even when we’re invited to as entrepreneurs — and to which the antidote is cultivating The Audacity.

Shift your perspective on what it means to be audacious, why it’s so important to business longevity, and how we can reclaim audacity to be a leverage point for us, not a limitation.

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We’re told to show up and to be visible, but we’re very rarely given a context for what that actually means.

2024 needs to be the year you prioritize action. Honestly, you have no idea how critical that is going to be.

Audacity allows you to tap into that deeper motivation that pulls you out of that weird space of tension between fear and desire, fear and want.”


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