EP40: Rethinking Passive Income: It’s Not as Easy as You Think

Easy money is the dream, right? And in the online space that means passive income, baby!

Prepare for a rude awakening as we call BS on the myth of passive income. Spoiler alert: it’s not passive at all, or all that lucrative for the majority.

It’s a seductive idea, making money while you sleep, but passive income is in a lot of ways touted as a get-rich-quick type of tactic. This week, we unpack the challenges and realities associated with passive income including some stats (I did the research, y’all) that demonstrate how lucrative it actually is.

Link to the episode 32 on scaling your biz:


“You could tell after you’d gone through it that this coach had not gone back and updated any of it, because later recordings about topics contradicted what this coach was talking about in earlier topics.

Most real instances of true passive income, according to Forbes, are really only possible if you have enough money and assets to build off of in the first place.


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