EP39: Corporate Burnout to Business Maverick: Rewriting the Rules for Women Entrepreneurs

Ever thought about how the relentless pursuit of profits often devalues people in the business world? I’ve been there, and I’m here to share my journey. From being a shining star in the corporate arena to feeling tossed aside as a new mother, I’ve seen the dark underbelly of business ethics gone wrong.

This week, I recount one of my many experiences, and how it (in part) inspired me to break free and create my own business… but what ended up happening was something else.

As an entrepreneur, I’ve witnessed the struggle many women face in the online business sphere. Still jacked up by corporate programming, we equate value with productivity and hours spent, and success through the lens of financial gain. But what if we redefined these outdated beliefs? Let’s unpack the concept of Corporate Rehab as a tool to help women build successful businesses that honour their autonomy and individuality — and aren’t just clones of their corporate experience, only this time, with them at the helm.

I want to challenge the traditional business paradigm because so many of us are feeling trapped and tired of the hustle. Let’s explore ways to create a business environment that celebrates authenticity and freedom, and not just superficial standards, while still honouring the importance of building sustainable business models. I’m on a mission to disrupt the norms and create a business landscape that changes the way it’s been done. Join me and let’s redefine what business success looks like, together.


I love money. What I don’t love is money at the expense of my humanity and the humanity of other people.

Chasing these freedoms is surface level, and it will keep you stuck in the very same rat race you were in when you worked in a J-O-B.”

That’s where we have to start, because it’s not enough to do business the way we’ve been doing it, seeing the structure that exists and trying to fit offers and marketing and our own goddamn identities into those structures.”


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