EP38: Connection Made Easy: The Shift from Transactions to Trust

Have you ever found yourself in a busy networking event, feeling drained and disconnected as you attempt to navigate the sea of pitches and self-promotion?

That’s where I found myself recently, moderating a panel for a local Women’s Enterprise Centre event. As an introvert, I was anticipating the usual energy suck. But instead, I found myself energized, and it set off a light bulb moment. Networking (aka connection) events aren’t the problem: WE are.

We’ve all been there – the dreaded ‘pitchslap’, where, without even a ‘how do you do’, someone is smacking you in the virtual face with their latest offer. (It’s no wonder so many people are in their feelings about sales and lead generation.)

Connection in business has traditionally been more about transactions than genuine human connection, and it’s taking a toll. Instead of feeling compelled to sell or to be sold to, I wanna share a different approach: create authentic connections, cultivate trust, and personalize your interactions. Sales are important, of course, but they shouldn’t overshadow making real connections because you took time to see the human behind the dollar signs.

In the cut-throat world of business, maintaining honesty and transparency may seem like a tall order. But instead of the usual BS, it’s time we focus on building enduring  relationships. After all, it’s through these genuine connections that we lay the foundations of lasting success.


If I don’t like to hear what you have to say, if I’m not interested in your insights or your inputs, we’re probably never going to work together.

But what a lot of people fail to understand is that sales are very often, especially now, the byproduct of genuine connection.”


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