EP37: Instant Gratification vs the Power of Active Patience

Have you ever wondered how our digital age’s obsession with instant gratification is impacting our businesses, our goals, and our patience?

This week I take a quick look at the change technology has wrought and how it’s influencing our expectations in life and in biz. I share my philosophy on the concept of “active patience,” a practice that combines consistent efforts towards our goals while understanding that real success takes time.

I then share my absolute favourite metaphor — the story of the Chinese Bamboo Tree. Through it we learn that patience, when combined with consistent efforts, can reap enormous rewards. Tune in to this episode for a nuanced take on the importance of patience in our businesses and our lives. You will leave with a renewed understanding of the role patience plays in our success and how to incorporate ‘active patience’ into your work ethic.


Where people go wrong with patience is thinking that they can chill right and their goals will eventually happen if they wait long enough.


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