EP35: Coaching and Ethics: A Candid Exchange with Marianne Smith (Daugherty)

Do you ever wonder why it’s so hard for high achievers to shift their mindset? And why traditional mindset coaching methods aren’t always the best approach to growth?

In this very candid episode, I talk to Marianne Smith (Daugherty), a psychotherapist and trauma trained therapist all about nervous system regulation and how dysregulation impacts high achieving entrepreneurs, CEOs, and founders.

Drawing from her 15+ years of experience, Marianne enlightens us about some incredible techniques to manage the pressures of success. We discuss polyvagal theory, exploring how different approaches can help high achievers thrive in their chosen fields.

We learn how to recognize states of dysregulation and why self-compassion is the cornerstone of maintaining balance.

This leads to a very eye-opening exchange about the coaching industry, providing guidance on how to separate credible coaches from those who might not have your best interests at heart.

We close out the episode by addressing the elephant in the room – the glaring lack of checks and balances in the coaching industry. We share personal experiences and discuss the alarmingly easy route to becoming an unqualified coach. We break down the need for ethical standards of care in the coaching industry and the importance of research and scrutiny when choosing a coach, providing insights to help you ensure you’re working with the very best. Tune in for an engaging conversation that promises to challenge the status quo.

Guest Bio:

Marianne Smith (Daugherty) is a psychotherapist, practitioner, and guide to high-achieving visionaries who are ready to ditch the chaos and lead from their inner zen master. She works privately and intimately with clients using cutting edge nervous system rewiring techniques, taking them on a multi-dimensional journey to uncover their next level calm. This process takes time, trust, and tools, but as a result, leaders can become infinitely resilient in the face of inevitable stress. If you’re ready to rewire your nervous system and carve new neural pathways for greater presence, creativity, and joy-in both your personal life and in your business.

Connect with Marianne:

  • https://www.facebook.com/mariannelindausmith
  • For coaching services: mldcoaching.co
  • For psychotherapy services (in Ohio & Pa) www.happyvalleycounseling.net


“Somebody messaged me today saying, hey, do you have any recommendations for good coaching certifications? I said, listen, I can’t vouch personally for any of them. I would probably take a couple of years to vet them. Because none of them have any kind of oversight or regulatory bodies.

“The state of our nervous system really informs which stories in our heads and which thoughts we believe.”

“If you have a coach and there has been no growth over several years, like you can’t see some kind of evolution…personally, I kind of feel like that’s a bit of a red flag.”


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