EP33: The Power of Setting Graceful Boundaries in Business & Life with Chanel Robe

Have you ever felt drained, overworked, and yet still unappreciated by your clients?

That’s where Chanel Robe found herself, not once, but twice. Now, she passionately advocates for balancing client needs with personal boundaries.

In our conversation, Chanel shares her own journey from burnout to brilliance, illustrating why setting healthy boundaries in business and life with grace is so critical.
Boundaries that honor not just the client, but also the business and your personal needs.

She shares her three-pronged approach to setting graceful boundaries, and shares how setting boundaries in contractual and retainer relationships can nurture a healthy client-business relationship.

We navigate through the complexities of difficult conversations, exploring how understanding and empathy can deflect conflict.



“It’s not a problem about setting the boundaries, but having the courage to maintain them and feel like you’re able to do that with a level of grace.”


Guest Bio:

Chanel Robe is the owner of The Robe Way & an authority on achieving customer success with less work. She helps business owners run profitable, impactful businesses and maintain client relationships without sacrificing their personal boundaries or quality of life. As a 2x burnout survivor and former people-pleaser, she is a speaker, author & passionate advocate for serving others while honoring yourself. On a regular day, you’ll find her traveling, belting out random songs, smiling contagiously, or lifting others up.

Connect with Chanel: https://en.gravatar.com/chanelrobie

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