EP24: You Asked, We Answered: A Blasphemous Approach to Business Q&A

On this off the cuff episode, I answer listener-submitted questions about a variety of different things.

Bullet points:

  • How I started my journey in the online business space
  • How to keep your passion alive when people just wanna squash your enthusiasm
  • What advice I’d give my 15-year-old self now with hindsight
  • Strategy advice I’d give to newer entrepreneurs
  • What it’s like to work with me

It’s a grand old time and honestly you’ve gotta add the phrase “testicular fortitude” to your repertoire going forward.


“I think if someone had taken the time to tell me that, I wouldn’t have taken 47 and a half years to become comfortable with who I am.”

“We say, ‘I’ve been selling my offer for the last month’, but maybe we’ve talked about it 3 times, like really talked about it 3 times with a clear call to action. But because those 3 instances happened to be spread out over a month, we think we’ve been marketing for a month when really we haven’t.”


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