EP23: The FEAR of Being Visible

This week I talk about the fear of being visible in the online business space and the struggles for business owners who think and act differently from mainstream beliefs. From gatekeeping to censorship, the struggle is REAL, and that’s why being crystal clear about your beliefs and values goes a long way to helping you overcome the fear of visibility.

I also get a little vulnerable this week, and share my personal experiences with growth, cultural norms, and societal expectations. And…I share my Truth (with a capital T). The Truth that keeps me going and fuels the work I do (grab a tissue).

For all the sass and tongue-in-cheek humour I bring to the podcast, the bottom line is that through my work, I aim to inspire others to embrace their whole selves and create a legacy that leaves a lasting impact underscored by the importance of speaking your truth and embracing personal evolution.


“Even knowing all of that, it still isn’t always easy to be visible, especially if you want to do things differently. Because we don’t make space for people who think differently, right? Unless thinking differently feeds directly into what has already come before.”


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