EP19: Surviving Summer Break as a Mom & Entrepreneur

Summer is coming. (Shout out to GoT fans everywhere!)

Summer is on its way and that means the kids will be home for the next few months. That can absolutely throw a wrench into any business-related plans you may or may not have had.

Not to mention all the rhetoric you’re about to hear about the sales cycle, powering through, not losing momentum, and more.

So — how do you get through the summer as a parent and entrepreneur without going off the rails? Do you double down and do all the things? Do you throw caution to the wind and put your feet up?

Honestly? It depends. And I have a few reminders to help you decide.


“Because remember, it’s your summer, too. You get to actually enjoy time away from your business, because the business works for you, not the other way around.”


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