EP17: Creating Inclusive Spaces: Powerful Insights from Erika Tebbens & Jennifer Battle

Erika Tebbens and Jennifer Battle join me this week to discuss the importance of creating inclusive and welcoming spaces — something business owners talk a lot about but struggle to truly make real.

In this episode we talk about what should really be asked of marginalized humans about how to make business spaces “safer” and more inclusive. Through this beautifully messy conversation, we reveal the power of active and intentional value-driven leadership that can revolutionize the way we all approach community building.

So if you’re looking to foster meaningful diversity and inclusion with an emphasis on building relationships of mutual respect, you don’t want to miss this episode.

Guest Info:

About Erika:
Erika Tebbens (she/her) is a Growth Strategist for experienced entrepreneurs who want to become sought after experts and industry innovators.

Helping changemakers, thought-leaders, and visionaries get their culture shifting work in front of more of the right people, in truly sustainable ways, is her jam. She does this through crafting individualized visibility and messaging strategies that are highly-impactful, sales-focused, and always values aligned.

You can find her at ErikaTebbens.com and on Instagram at @erikatebbensconsulting (https://instagram.com/erikatebbensconsulting)

About Jennifer:
Jennifer Battle is an online CEO, business strategist, and founder of the mastermind community, Success Revolution Society.

In her 20+ year professional career, she has mastered developing meaningful connections in business. Her signature framework  guides  professionals  and fempreneurs to build genuine, profitable and strategic collaborations so that they can step into the life they imagine on their vision board.

Her business savvy is amplified by her matter-of-fact and relatable style. Jennifer delivers bold truths with humor and care.

Join the interest list for Success Revolution Society – http://jennifernagel.co/thesociety

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