EP12: What I Learned From Doing 47 Consult Calls in 3 Months

In December of 2022, I committed to offering 47 free business consult calls to women entrepreneurs in community and oof, did I learn a LOT. In this episode, I’m sharing the three common business challenges that kept popping up and how I coached these amazing women to define their own success, be more intentional when it came to their content, and how to honor their capacity.

Bullet Points:

  • Why how long you’ve been in business isn’t relative to how successful your business is.
  • What it takes to create content that sounds more like you.
  • How to know where to put your efforts.


“You need to understand who you are, what you offer, how it helps people get from where they are now to where they want to be and how you do it that is different from everyone else. That is the key, and that’s the hardest part for a lot of us to define.”

“You have to determine what your definition of success is for you, not compared to anyone else.”

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