EP11: 6 Red Flag Business Practices that Gotta Go

It’s time for business red flags! You know the kind of business practices that make you go “Hmmm…?” yet everyone’s doing them, so you convince yourself it’s ok? In the online business space, unethical behavior can get normalized quickly because so many of us are just trying to figure it out as we go. There isn’t a lot of oversight or accountability. But we have a responsibility to call out craptastic behaviors and change them. That’s why Sarah asked people inside the Business Blasphemy Facebook group to share red flag business practices they constantly come across and y’all did not disappoint. In this episode, we’re diving into six of the most tired-a$$ red flag business practices that need to be retired – from overselling the value of offers to adding people to email lists without consent to the lack of transparency around how much it costs to work with you, and more – so we can all do and feel better about the way we’re doing business.

Bullet Points:

  • Why we should run when someone says they want to hire a “unicorn”.
  • The toxic business rhetoric that Sarah had to let go of.
  • How we can be in integrity when sharing the value/price of our offers.
  • What’s mandatory when it comes to paying your teams.
  • Why consent is non-negotiable, not to mention legal.


“Because I think at some point in our business, we’ve done some of, if not all of these, because we just didn’t know better. But that’s why we’re here. We are here to learn a different way of doing things.”

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