EP10: Decrapify Your Marketing: Pain Points & Possibility with Eliya Finkelstein

We’ve made it to episode 10, which is all about small business marketing — and your treat is hearing from the genius that is Eliya Finkelstein — marketing expert and one half of the Data Driven Rebel duo.

In this episode, Sarah and Eliya talk about so much good stuff, and get to the heart of what is right and wrong with the way marketing is done in the online business space. If you’re craving a different perspective on how marketing can serve your business in a way that feels good, and cuts through all the noise that makes it feel undoable, too big, too “hard”, or like there’s some big secret to marketing you’re missing — this episode is for you.

Bullet Points:

  • Guarantees in business
  • How selling success or selling “my way or the highway” creates shame
  • Models and frameworks served the right way
  • FAAFO — Fuck around and find out
  • Normalizing things not happening right away
  • Pain point marketing and how there’s a different way that can feel better


“Fuck around and find out.”

“How you market says a lot about how you do everything else in your business.”


Guest Info:

Eliya Finkelstein is a data-driven growth consultant and community resource for innovative entrepreneurs. Eliya proves you can stand out from the competition in an ever-changing and competitive digital landscape. Unlock your growth, confidently scale your business, and secure your future with the world’s oldest proven scientific method.

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