EP07: Is Being Trauma-Informed Bullshit? Maybe. Let’s Discuss.

Dr. Lee Cordell, CEO and Founder of the Institute for Trauma and Psychological Safety, joins me this week to talk about what trauma is, what it isn’t, and how it can show up in business.

With the topic of trauma on the rise in the online business space, with terms like “trauma-informed”, “trauma-aware”, and “trauma-sensitive” being thrown around in marketing at a growing rate, Dr. Lee and I clarify the line between where it’s legit, and where it’s bullshit.

TRIGGER WARNING: Dr. Lee does mention sexual assault at one point in the interview at minute 25:18.

Bullet Points:

  • Defining trauma
  • What mutually beneficial decisions look like and how they can impact your business
  • How Target has created safety for its customers
  • Why privilege is such a contested topic
  • Tips on holding or seeking more trauma-informed spaces and how to find spaces that truly walk their talk
  • What safe spaces look like
  • Gatekeeping information and why that is dangerous
  • Why we weren’t meant to do this alone

Guest Info:

Dr. Lee C. Cordell is an expert mindset coach, Certified Clinical Trauma Professional, and CEO and founder of the Institute for Trauma and Psychological Safety. Lee uses her 15+ years of experience in healthcare, psychology, and education to empower people in the development of safe, healthy, and shame-free personal and professional relationships.

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