EP05: Bye-Bye Pitchslap, Hello Community!

Everyone talks about cultivating authentic connection — but what does it actually mean?

This week I get to host my very first guest so I made sure it was a REALLY GOOD ONE, the connection wizard Jennifer Battle.

Join the conversation as we cover everything from what people get wrong when connecting with each other, the importance of collective success, the 3 different types of community in the online biz space, how to make coffee chats your bitch, and we wrap it all up with some House of the Dragon chit chat and a very special invitation for you.

Guest Bio:

Jennifer Battle is an online CEO, business strategist, and founder of the mastermind community, Success Revolution Society. In her 20+ year professional career, she has mastered developing meaningful connections in business. Her signature framework guides professionals and fempreneurs to build genuine, profitable and strategic collaborations so that they can step into the life they imagine on their vision board. Her business savvy is amplified by her matter-of-fact and relatable style. Jennifer delivers bold truths with humor and care. Her audiences step away feeling seen, heard, and inspired to take meaningful action.

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