Fractional Director Of Operations

You’re in good hands...

Perfect for Leaders ready to step out of the day-to-day of the business management.

If you are currently earning 6 figures consistently, have a large team (or are looking to grow the small team you have), and are ready for a a strategic partner, let’s chat.

As a Fractional Director of Operations, my role is to:

  • oversee execution of business operations
  • lead on project management
  • partner with the CEO on strategy development
  • lead and oversee the team

As your right hand, we move your business forward together.

The beauty of a Fractional DOO is you’ll have access to an executive level strategic partner without the full-time commitment. Great for those businesses in early stages of growth who aren’t ready to hire someone full time, but desire a higher level of support.

If you think your business is ready for you to hand over the operational steering wheel to a Certified Director of Operations so you can focus on sales, marketing and growth, let’s chat..

Please note, this engagement requires business owners to have an implementation team, (eg: VA, OBM, etc) of some kind in place, and is a minimum 3 month commitment. The retainer rate to secure Sarah is $3200 / month.

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