EP14: Cultivating a Connected Company Culture with Becky Brunner

In this episode, Becky Brunner, Value-Driven Team Culture & Connection Coach, shares her approach to leading and building strong teams. We talk about ways to engage with team members and connect as humans, the importance of creating a ripple effect of praise across the team, how creating a strong culture improves productivity and profits, and

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EP12: What I Learned From Doing 47 Consult Calls in 3 Months

In December, I committed to offering 47 free business consult calls to my community and oof, did I learn a LOT. In this episode, I’m sharing the three common business challenges that kept popping up and how I coached these amazing women to define their own success, be more intentional when it came to their

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EP11: 6 Red Flag Business Practices that Gotta Go

You know the kind of business practices that make you go “Hmmm…?” yet everyone’s doing them, so you convince yourself it’s ok? In the online business space, unethical behavior can get normalized quickly because so many of us are just trying to figure it out as we go. There isn’t a lot of oversight or

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EP10: Decrapify Your Marketing: Pain Points & Possibility

We’ve made it to episode 10, and your treat is hearing from the genius that Eliya Finkelstein — marketing expert and one half of the Data Driven Rebel duo. In this episode, Sarah and Eliya talk about so much good stuff, and get to the heart of what is right and wrong with the way

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Sarah Khan

Can Babies and Business Co-Exist?

Babies will ruin your career. I remember standing in the banquet hall with my team. We had hit some really big milestones as a company and were celebrating. Our executive director was making the rounds, pressing palms, etc. She came up to me and my team, congratulated all of us and then reached out to

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